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Open Our Parties photo gallery
(1995 Photo's in 27 Albums)
All our parties
Pictures from all of our Burns, Halloween, Bonfire, Christmas and New Year eve parties.

Open Our Wedding photo gallery
(3153 Photo's in 26 Albums)
Wedding Photo's
All the pictures from Helen and Mark's wedding at Langley Castle, Northumberland on the 10th February 2006. Instead of using disposable film camera for each table we used 20 digital camera's allocated around the tables (A to N). With each camera capable of storing over 600 photo's we ended up with over 4000 from the tables alone. I've sifted these down to a managable 2,756 for this gallery. The rights to the official wedding photo's have been assigned to us, they can be viewied in this gallery and originals can be bought from photobox.

Open Other Parties photo gallery
(1272 Photo's in 18 Albums)
Everyone else's parties
Pictures from everyone else's parties. This includes Jane's annual cocktail party, Neighbours Christmas Parties, Dave and Mands parties and also any of the parties organised by Mark and Hayley.

Open Family photo gallery
(401 Photo's in 8 Albums)
Family events
All things family related usually ends up in this gallery.

Open Kids photo gallery
(1481 Photo's in 31 Albums)
Children's parties
Everything to do with the kids

Open Spoon photo gallery
(410 Photo's in 7 Albums)
Spoon & Abominable Showmen
Originally a PPA (Prescription Pricing Authority now called the Business Services Authority) work band, most of the band moved to SSS and essentially reformed as the `Abominable Showmen`. The gigs which are normally held at the Tyneside Irish centre, in Newcastle upon Tyne, are to raise money for charity. The band are: (Spoon): Chris Ball, Mike Singleton, Steve Stonehouse and Steve Kirby) and (Abominable showmen): Chris Ball, Mike Singleton, Steve Stonehouse, Steve Kirby, Jim Stevenson and Andy Tate)

Open Charity photo gallery
(722 Photo's in 20 Albums)
Charity Stuff
All the pictures from charity events like Team Challenge and the Tyne Bridge Abseil. If it's solely for charity it'll be in here. Spoon/Abominable Showmen have their own gallery even though it's also for charity

Open Watersports photo gallery
(253 Photo's in 7 Albums)
Water Stuff
If it's anything to do with watersports, jetskiing, wakeboarding or diving the photographs will probably find their way on to these pages, a camera is one of the last things considered with watersports - so there's not many pics here. With all the extension and house work going on there's been no watersports at all, even the Ski (Yamaha XL1200) was locked up in a Neighbours garage for two summers - I hope this will change sometime soon.

Open Work photo gallery
(2734 Photo's in 50 Albums)
Work stuff
Work stuff - anything to do with work will probably find it's way on to these pages. Most of the photo's here are from the DWP (Department for Work and Pensions) IAD/BIC Information Center at Longbenton in Newcastle and the PPA (Prescription Pricing Authority now called the Business Services Authority) based at Bridge House in Newcastle upon Tyne.

Open Misc photo gallery
(1477 Photo's in 22 Albums)
Other Stuff
Everything else - where all the pictures go that don't fit into other categories. This includes other peoples weddings and social events that are not work related

Open Extension photo gallery
(1498 Photo's in 37 Albums)
House Extension
All the pictures taken at various stages of our construction project, what should have been a small extension ended up with over 90 square metres of extra floor space and using over 7000 facing bricks and 2000 blocks.

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