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Back to the Future - Part III (1990)

Family, Comedy, Sci-Fi, Western
"They`ve saved the best trip for last... But this time they may have gone too far."
Rated PG - No Details

Blind Justice (1994)

Action, Western
"Justice isnt only blind.. Its Deadly"
Rated R - graphic western violence and some language

City Slickers (1991)

Adventure, Comedy, Western
"Yesterday They Were Businessmen. Today They`re Cowboys. Tomorrow They`ll Be Walking Funny"
Rated PG-13 - A comic sex scene and off colour humour

Dances with Wolves (1990)

Adventure, Drama, Western
"Inside everyone is a frontier waiting to be discovered."
Rated PG-13 - No Details

Desperado (1995)

Action, Romance, Thriller, Western
"He came back to settle the score with someone. Anyone. EVERYONE"
Rated R - Strong bloody violence, a strong sex sequence and language

Desperado (Superbit) (1995)

Action, Romance, Thriller, Western
"He came back to settle the score with someone. Anyone. EVERYONE"
Rated R - strong bloody violence, a strong sex sequence and language

Harley Davidson and the Marlboro Man (1991)

Action, Crime, Drama, Sci-Fi, Thriller, Western
"When the going gets tough... the tough take the law into their own hands."
Rated R - No rating details

Hidalgo (2004)

Action, Drama, Adventure, Western
"Unbridled. Unbroken. Unbeaten"
Rated PG13 - adventure violence and some mild innuendo

Last Man Standing (1996)

Action, Drama, Western
"There are two sides to every war. And John Smith is on both of them"
Rated R - Pervasive strong violence and some sexuality

The Legend of Zorro (2005)

Action, Adventure, Western
"This Fall, adventure begins with a Z."
Rated PG - Sequences of violence/peril and action, language and a couple of suggestive moments.

Legends of the Fall (1994)

Drama, Romance, Western
"After the Fall from Innocence the Legend begins"
Rated R - Violence, and some sexuality and language

The Mask of Zorro (Superbit) (1998)

Action, Western, Adventure, Romance, Comedy
" "
Rated PG-13 - some intense action and violence

Maverick (1994)

Western, Action, Comedy, Adventure
"The greatest gambler in the West has finally met his match"
Rated PG - mild sensuality, language and some western action

The Missing (2003)

Drama, Western, Action, Thriller
"How far would you go, how much would you sacrifice to get back what you have lost?"
Rated R - violence

Newton Boys (1998)

Action, Drama, Western
"History is about to catch up with America`s most successful bank robbers"
Rated PG-13 - Violence including bloody aftermath of a shooting, and language

The Quick and The Dead (1995)

Action, Adventure, Western
"Think you`re quick enough ?"
Rated R - western violence

Shanghai Noon (2000)

Action, Western, Comedy
"The Classic Western Gets A Kick In The Pants"
Rated PG-13 - Action violence, some drug humour, language and sensuality

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