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ET - CE (1982)

Family, Sci-Fi, Adventure, Fantasy
"His Adventure On Earth"
Rated PG - Language and mild thematic elements. (2002 edited version)

Jagged Edge (1985)

"When a murder case is this shocking, which do you trust... your emotions or the evidence?"
Rated R - No Details

Patch Adams - CE (1998)

Comedy, Drama
"Laughter is contagious"
Rated PG-13 - Some strong language and crude humour

Random Hearts (1999)

Drama, Romance
"In a perfect world...they never would have met"
Rated R - Brief violence, sexuality and language

Sphere (1998)

Sci-Fi, Thriller
"A thousand feet beneath the sea, the blackest holes are in the mind.."
Rated PG-13 - Sci-fi action including some startling images

Top of The World (1997)

Action, Thriller
"Life Is A Gamble... Let It Ride!"
Rated R - Violence and language

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